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  1. 91.
    A method and system is disclosed for collecting good quality input images with related metadata for improving the training sets for object recognition by providing good quality images with correct object tags. The images are collected using sensors on autonomous vehicles, such as, but not limited to, cars, for...
    IPCOM000254686D | 2018-Jul-23
  2. 92.
    A method and system is disclosed that implements a label correction method that reverts labels of a current event based on history and future login events in order to get more reliable labels for a second login challenge (2LC). The method and system uses history and future events to help label the current event. The...
    IPCOM000254685D | 2018-Jul-23
  3. 93.
    A method and system is disclosed that identifies low frequency events from a small portion of click log history where the repetition of such events may not be seen. The method and system, then, selectively prioritizes the events to improve personalized recommendations. Thus, the method and system selectively...
    IPCOM000254684D | 2018-Jul-23
  4. 94.
    IPCOM000254683D | 2018-Jul-23
  5. 95.
    The invention discloses a design for improving lifecycle of a rubber key. The design includes support structures at the periphery and bottom of the rubber key to prevent skew. The support structures prevent the key from cracking and breaking at the joint of the plastic due to skew caused by peripheral pressing,...
    IPCOM000254682D | 2018-Jul-23
  6. 96.
    IPCOM000254681D | 2018-Jul-23
  7. 97.
    Headboard is structural sub-assembly of load space which is mounted on the rear frame of the forwarder to carry logs. Headboard is mounted in between operator station & the load being carried. Height of headboard in transport position should be greater than or equal to the height of operator station & width should not...
    IPCOM000254680D | 2018-Jul-23
  8. 98.
    Ein Haltewinkel an einem Deckel eines Fahrzeugdaches wird zu seiner Befestigung z. B. an einer Umschäumung des Deckels eingeschäumt. Der Haltewinkel wird über seine Haltelasche im Schäumwerkzeug positioniert. Ein im Schäumwerkzeug aufgenommenes komprimiertes Silikonpad dichtet die Haltelasche gegenüber der...
    IPCOM000254679D | 2018-Jul-22
  9. 99.
    In conventional hydroformylation processes involving rhodium and bisphosphite-based catalysts, the conventional starting complex is a species often referred to as the "active catalyst" or "catalyst resting state". Recent reports have shown that this is not the only possible species formed when rhodium precursors and...
    IPCOM000254677D | 2018-Jul-20
  10. 100.
    Disclosed are highly efficient suncare and daily care compositions
    IPCOM000254676D | 2018-Jul-20