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    It is proposed a product that is a functional substitute for animal lanolin, allowing the formulator to reach the same feel, emolliency, hydrophobicity, shine and emulsion formation capacity, by using a vegetable derived ingredient, with low to no impact on formulation's color and odor. Said product is obtained by...
    IPCOM000254762D | 2018-Jul-30
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    Deep neural networks (DNNs) yield the state of the art results in computer vision applications. A DNN consists of several artificial neurons organized in multiple layers in feedforward fashion. A neuron consists of a MAC unit to compute weighted sum of inputs, and a non-linear activation such as ReLU, tanh and...
    IPCOM000254761D | 2018-Jul-30
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    IPCOM000254760D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254759D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254758D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254757D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254756D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254755D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254754D | 2018-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000254753D | 2018-Jul-28