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    IPCOM000254708D | 2018-Jul-24
  2. 72.
    IPCOM000254707D | 2018-Jul-24
  3. 73.
    IPCOM000254704D | 2018-Jul-23
  4. 74.
    In an eco-friendly high-voltage gas circuit breaker, oxygen O2 is used to oxidize the byproducts, such as carbon soot C and carbon monoxide CO. Carbon soot C is electrically conductive and carbon monoxide CO is toxic. According to evaluation of the gas probe after a power test, CO exists still in the gas probe with a...
    IPCOM000254703D | 2018-Jul-23
  5. 75.
    This paper describes a super water repellent ("super-hydrophobic") coating material that consists of fluorinated amorphous resin and PTFE micro powder having an average particle size between 1-6 microns dispersed in a non-flammable fluorinated solvent. The amount of PTFE particles is preferably greater than 6 times...
    IPCOM000254702D | 2018-Jul-23
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    A method and system is disclosed for providing a hybrid financial model for video advertising that effectively utilizes video play time. The method assumes an approach to video advertising which treats the video both as a content for creatives and a creative in itself. The method and system derives a monetizing...
    IPCOM000254701D | 2018-Jul-23
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    A method and system is disclosed for generating a true persona/profile for a user which is derived implicitly from personal data associated with communication history of the user. The method and system teases out details about who the user really is and the user's interests from the communication data of the user....
    IPCOM000254700D | 2018-Jul-23
  8. 78.
    A method and system is disclosed for customizing a user's mailbox content and user interface based on content that is relevant to the user by using cues from the user's daily interaction habits. The method and system provides the customization in terms of attributes such as, but not limited to, custom themes,...
    IPCOM000254699D | 2018-Jul-23
  9. 79.
    A method and system is disclosed for mining dynamically related Vibes for applications in recommendation and user onboarding. The method and system utilizes an Application Programming Interface (API) that takes a set of Vibes and returns a set of similar Vibes. The method and system then, utilizes the relatedness in...
    IPCOM000254698D | 2018-Jul-23
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    A method and system is disclosed for detecting and mitigating fraudulent dynamic floor pricing provided by publishers in real-time bidding. The method and system identifies suspicious and inefficient floor pricing by analyzing a bidder's performance metrics across different floor prices provided by a publisher. The...
    IPCOM000254697D | 2018-Jul-23