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    A management system for rotors of archery bows is disclosed herein. The system is configured to manage the adjustable position of rotary cams of archery bows. In an embodiment, the system comprises: (a) an axle extending along an axis, wherein the axle comprises: (i) an outer axle surface, the outer axle surface...
    IPCOM000255119D | 2018-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000255118D | 2018-Aug-31
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    An evaluation system and related processes are provided for evaluating computing systems associated with vehicle mapping, navigation, and/or control. An evaluation system can include ground truth data generated based on sensor data from an evaluation sensor system as an evaluation vehicle traverses a travelway. A...
    IPCOM000255117D | 2018-Aug-31
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    Heavy shafts are currently being inspected by specific gauges/CMM to evaluate various parameters like Straightness, Runout, Total runout, Circularity, Cylindricity and positions of lubricating holes. Such inspection processes are time consuming and requires special skills and expensive measuring system. The existing...
    IPCOM000255116D | 2018-Aug-31
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    In machining, thread features are commonly made using different operations, mainly hole making (predrill) and tapping. Selection of the predrill is done based on the tap specification and the tap depth. In machined parts we have different tap depths for same tap specification. Commonly step drills are used to predrill...
    IPCOM000255115D | 2018-Aug-31
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    Fixture is used to securely locate product part/s in a specific location or orientation and support the work. In manufacturing industry, common tooling is used for different part variants. Operator need to adjust resting / locating / clamping as per part geometry changes; so, there is change over time involved in the...
    IPCOM000255114D | 2018-Aug-31
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    Fire is the most critical thing from safety measurement in automotive domain. Automotive domain does not have proper automated system for that. There are many reasons due to which fire gets generated in vehicle for e.g. short circuit of wires in the vehicle, this will extend to loose of human's life. In existing...
    IPCOM000255113D | 2018-Aug-31
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    Das Dokument zeigt eine verbesserte Rückdrehsicherungsvorrichtung für den UnoPen der Firma Ypsomed. Die Verbesserungen betreffen das Vermeiden von Verhakungen bei den Rückdrehsicherungsteilen, wenn diese als Schüttgut verarbeitet werden. Insbesondere bei der Montage von Injektionspens
    IPCOM000255112D | 2018-Aug-31
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    Taxiways or runways of airports are designed keeping various factors into consideration, with safety being the most important factor. Despite designing the taxiways or runways taking safety into consideration, untoward incidents have occurred in the airport due to problematic taxiways, problematic runways and...
    IPCOM000255111D | 2018-Aug-31
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    Safety is the primary focus in aviation industry. Communication between Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and aircraft crew plays a big role in ensuring safe and uninterrupted flight. The pilot-controller communication uses Very High Frequency (VHF) radio that depends on Line of Sight (LoS) and hence faces limitations when...
    IPCOM000255110D | 2018-Aug-31