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  1. 101.
    The present disclosure relates to a method to propagate Pseudowire (PWE) administrative state and gracefully handle PWE blocking. New STATUS codes are described for representing the administrative state in a PWE group. The approach described herein provides a method via which the Provider Edge (PE) router can...
    IPCOM000255011D | 2018-Aug-23
  2. 102.
    IPCOM000255010D | 2018-Aug-23
  3. 103.
    The present disclosure relates to improved resource utilization for networks with Permanent Sub-Network Connections (P-SNCs). A P-SNC is a stitched service which does not react to faults. The P-SNC service is only controlled by user actions/commands. All resources remain occupied on endpoints and along the path. ...
    IPCOM000255009D | 2018-Aug-23
  4. 104.
    The present disclosure relates to utilizing Fast Reroute (FRR) in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for graceful preemption. The disclosure leverages the FRR Local Protection mechanism to switchover a tunnel, to a backup running over a Facility Bypass Tunnel and free up bandwidth. The present disclosure...
    IPCOM000255008D | 2018-Aug-23
  5. 105.
    Die Erfindung betrifft einen Deckel für ein Filtersystem mit einem in einem Gehäuse anordenbaren Filterelement zum Filtern eines, insbesondere gasförmigen, Fluids, welches Filterelement eine Längsachse und einen um die Längsachse angeordneten Filterbalg aufweist, der einen Innenraum umschließt, und welches...
    IPCOM000255007D | 2018-Aug-23
  6. 106.
    IPCOM000255006D | 2018-Aug-23
  7. 107.
    IPCOM000255005D | 2018-Aug-23
  8. 108.
    User interaction with assistive devices and applications often includes use of speechbased interfaces where contents of the user's speech serve as input. However, in real-life human conversations, people often use additional information beyond the content of speech, such as tone, pace, etc., to infer attributes of the...
    IPCOM000255004D | 2018-Aug-23
  9. 109.
    When making calls to business entities, an individual often needs to navigate a menu of choices using the phone keypad until a desired option is found. If the desired choice requires speaking with a human, the individual may further need to wait on hold until someone is available to answer the call, thus wasting time....
    IPCOM000255003D | 2018-Aug-23
  10. 110.
    IPCOM000255002D | 2018-Aug-23