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    IPCOM000254967D | 2018-Aug-17
  2. 142.
    IPCOM000254966D | 2018-Aug-17
  3. 143.
    We have developed a transparent film forming O/W microemulsion (named emulsion A), containing amino silicone fluid and silicone resins. The amino silicone has a viscosity of about 1000 mm2/s at 25° C, the functional radicals are (Alkyl) amino groups and has an amine number of 0.3 meq/g of organopolysiloxane. In...
    IPCOM000254965D | 2018-Aug-17
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    Users with special circumstances, such as limited mobility or physical strength, are often unable to utilize the normal keyboard of a device. To overcome these difficulties, these users utilize alternative mechanisms for typed input, such as a mouse, trackpad, switches, buttons, etc. These mechanisms operate by...
    IPCOM000254964D | 2018-Aug-17
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    A race condition is a phenomenon wherein the output of an electronic device or computer process (thread) depends on the relative timing of events outside the control of the process or device. A deadlock is a state in which multiple computing processes that share a common resource are stalled due to the processes...
    IPCOM000254963D | 2018-Aug-17
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    Normalization is a technique in databases to eliminate data redundancy or inconsistent dependency. Normalizing is achieved by dividing larger tables of a database into smaller ones and defining relationships between them. Normalization can yield performance gains, such as improved response times, but only to an...
    IPCOM000254962D | 2018-Aug-17
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    Converting from Urea-formaldehyde (UF) to polymeric MDI (pMDI) binders for the manufacture of composite wood proudcts offers several advantages. These include the ability to use lower binder levels, along with improved mechanical properties and moisture resistance and reduced formaldehyde emissions of the finished...
    IPCOM000254961D | 2018-Aug-16
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    IPCOM000254960D | 2018-Aug-16
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    IPCOM000254959D | 2018-Aug-16
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    IPCOM000254958D | 2018-Aug-16