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    IPCOM000254957D | 2018-Aug-16
  2. 152.
    IPCOM000254956D | 2018-Aug-16
  3. 153.
    Speech defects are typically addressed by having the patient or learner undergo several sessions with speech therapists, who apply specialized therapeutic tools. Speech therapies tend to be expensive, require the scheduling of appointments, and do not lend themselves easily to selfpaced self-improvement. This...
    IPCOM000254955D | 2018-Aug-16
  4. 154.
    The present disclosure relates to a text parsing system and related method for accurately parsing the content of text in messages and providing an output that can be used by various systems including systems used to detect spam and advertising content. The text parsing system can include a computing system that can...
    IPCOM000254954D | 2018-Aug-16
  5. 155.
    Devices and methods are disclosed that provide a cardboard shipping box with the cutout of a utilitarian object such as a VR viewer printed on the box. The major parts of the VR viewer body are printed on the cardboard shipping box used for shipping any article. The virtual reality viewer is a mechanical body that...
    IPCOM000254952D | 2018-Aug-16
  6. 156.
    A method is disclosed, that optimizes a fulfillment operation for e-commerce retailers that deliver orders to final consumers. The method changes the injection and pack cutoffs dynamically in response to day-to-day fluctuations in customer volume. To optimize the fulfillment operation, a dynamic injection cutoff logic...
    IPCOM000254951D | 2018-Aug-16
  7. 157.
    A method and system is disclosed for filtering trips based on social structure and contacts by analyzing mail interaction data between social group members. The method and system identifies top contact groups, histories of interactions, events and trips taken by sub-group members to share with larger group members.
    IPCOM000254950D | 2018-Aug-16
  8. 158.
    A optimised manufacturing process for preparation of taxane-albumin nanosuspension is provided which ensures complete removal of organic solvents and yields stable nanoparticles.
    IPCOM000254949D | 2018-Aug-16
  9. 159.
    IPCOM000254948D | 2018-Aug-16
  10. 160.
    IPCOM000254947D | 2018-Aug-15