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Month of August 2018 - Page Number 18

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    IPCOM000254936D | 2018-Aug-14
  2. 172.
    Method of Weak NVM Bit Cell Detection
    IPCOM000254935D | 2018-Aug-14
  3. 173.
    IPCOM000254934D | 2018-Aug-14
  4. 174.
    IPCOM000254933D | 2018-Aug-14
  5. 175.
    IPCOM000254932D | 2018-Aug-14
  6. 176.
    IPCOM000254931D | 2018-Aug-14
  7. 177.
    IPCOM000254930D | 2018-Aug-14
  8. 178.
    IPCOM000254929D | 2018-Aug-14
  9. 179.
    The current situation in drilling is that our customers want the drilling cost reduced by 50%. Identical development wells are drilled with a variance of 50% in duration. This is a waste of 50% under the assumption that we can capture the variance by foresight, risk control, historical learning and application of...
    IPCOM000254928D | 2018-Aug-14
  10. 180.
    A method and system is disclosed for identifying navigational query intent by mining from web search click logs using unsupervised learning. The method and system determines whether a query is a navigational query using unsupervised learning techniques. The navigational queries on mobile devices help a user to reach...
    IPCOM000254927D | 2018-Aug-14