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  1. 231.
    A battery pack that can be removed from a device, held in a holster, and used to charge a second battery pack installed in the device when holstered.
    IPCOM000254873D | 2018-Aug-09
  2. 232.
    IPCOM000254872D | 2018-Aug-09
  3. 233.
    Um bei der thermischen Fertigung der Öffnungen im Seitenband von Filterelementen, insbesondere Innenraumfilterelementen mit Vliesseitenband, das Filtermedium nicht zu beschädigen, was im späteren Betrieb zu Undichtigkeiten führen kann, wird vorgeschlagen, vor dem Einführen einer heißen Lanze zur Fertigung der Öffnung...
    IPCOM000254871D | 2018-Aug-09
  4. 234.
    A mechanism is provided for debugging large-scale data pipelines by sampling inputs and outputs of the large-scale data with consistent hashing. The mechanism can ensure the same output set across different pipelines given the same input set and the same machine learning model. The mechanism computes consistent...
    IPCOM000254870D | 2018-Aug-09
  5. 235.
    This document relates to herbicidal mixtures comprising glufosinate or its salt and at least one further herbicide. The disclosure furthermore relates to a method for controlling undesirable vegetation in burndown programs, in industrial vegetation management and forestry, in vegetable and perennial crops and in turf...
    IPCOM000254869D | 2018-Aug-09
  6. 236.
    IPCOM000254868D | 2018-Aug-09
  7. 237.
    IPCOM000254867D | 2018-Aug-09
  8. 238.
    IPCOM000254866D | 2018-Aug-09
  9. 239.
    IPCOM000254865D | 2018-Aug-09
  10. 240.
    The disclosure is related to a propulsion solution e.g. for water-crafts or vessels. A solution is suggested in which propulsion is based on generating a squirt or a pulsating pressure motion in the opposite direction to that of the movement. According to an embodiment, the solution may comprise a profile or the like...
    IPCOM000254864D | 2018-Aug-09