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  1. 241.
    Smart computing devices continue to increase in popularity, availability, and functionality. A smart computing device, such as a security camera, collects or senses information and processes that information. In processing the information, the smart computing device engages in machinelearning processes to make...
    IPCOM000254863D | 2018-Aug-09
  2. 242.
    Smart devices continue to proliferate as the Internet-of-Things expands. Collectively, Internet-of-Things devices generate massive amounts of data for processing, analysis, and implementation. However, most individual smart devices lack sufficient hardware resources to process collected data in an efficient or timely...
    IPCOM000254862D | 2018-Aug-09
  3. 243.
    IPCOM000254861D | 2018-Aug-09
  4. 244.
    The present disclosure provides systems and methods for providing geographic information including data indicative of a flow lane that a vehicle can follow to facilitate improved vehicle navigation and/or control. A flow lane can provide an indication of a path of travel for a vehicle relative to a map or other source...
    IPCOM000254860D | 2018-Aug-09
  5. 245.
    This document relates to herbicidal mixtures comprising isoxaflutole (compound I), at least one herbicide selected from the group consisting of pyroxasulfone, dimethenamid or dimethenamid-P or a mixture thereof, saflufenacil and trifludimoxazin (compound II) and optionally at least one further herbicide selected from...
    IPCOM000254859D | 2018-Aug-08
  6. 246.
    IPCOM000254858D | 2018-Aug-08
  7. 247.
    IPCOM000254857D | 2018-Aug-08
  8. 248.
    IPCOM000254856D | 2018-Aug-08
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    IPCOM000254855D | 2018-Aug-08
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    IPCOM000254854D | 2018-Aug-08