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    Users have extensive collections of digital photographs or videos on their devices. This disclosure describes techniques to select images from a user's collection that are relevant to the current context of the device and the user, and display the selected images on a device. The images are labelled with attributes...
    IPCOM000255079D | 2018-Aug-29
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    Methods and systems, including computer programs, for a cooling system that uses vapor compression, passing refrigerant through a compressor and a condenser and delivering the condensed refrigerant directly to a heat source. Prior to reaching the heat source, the refrigerant is passed through a pressure reduction...
    IPCOM000255078D | 2018-Aug-29
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    This document describes a multi-stage power architecture as applied to 48V, ultra-high current applications. The multi-stage system can provide high power density within a small footprint and support high-current operations by decoupling the density, efficiency, and bandwidth requirements of the last stage supplying...
    IPCOM000255077D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255076D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255075D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255074D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255073D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255072D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255071D | 2018-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000255070D | 2018-Aug-29