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    A degradable frac ball is filled with gallium to be solid enough (voids permitting) to withstand frac pressures at the frac treating temperature. Then as the pumping stops the well heats back up and melts the gallium. The gallium may then expand due to temperatures and weaken the ball by building internal pressure or...
    IPCOM000255059D | 2018-Aug-28
  2. 62.
    The process for the synthesis of 5-Methyl-1-phenylpyridin-2-one consists of one step using the commercially available 2-hydroxy-5-methylpyridine, iodobenzene as starting materials, K2CO3 as base, copper (I) bromide (CuBr) as catalyst, ethyl 2-oxocyclohexanecarboxylate as ligand and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as...
    IPCOM000255058D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255057D | 2018-Aug-28
  4. 64.
    A method and system is disclosed for serving Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for multiple domains. The method and system automatically installs and serves SSL certificates on-thy-fly to an unlimited number of domains. The method and system utilizes a web server plugin and an in-memory cache that loads SSL...
    IPCOM000255056D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255055D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255054D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255053D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255051D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255050D | 2018-Aug-28
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    IPCOM000255049D | 2018-Aug-28