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  1. 81.
    Disclosed is a method to tune FIN height for different device groups through ion implantation such as Helium based implantation. This approach requires no additional masks.
    IPCOM000255038D | 2018-Aug-27
  2. 82.
    Disclosed is a method to form a vertically stacked bi-layer spacer structure. The novel structure makes the vertically stacked bilayer spacer such that the lower part of the spacer remains, per the POR, and the low k spacer and top part of the spacer is Silicon Nitride (SiN).
    IPCOM000255037D | 2018-Aug-27
  3. 83.
    Disclosed is a method for integrating electrostatic discharge (ESD)/passive devices into vertical gate FIN and planar (non-FIN) regions of a vertical-gate fin Field Effect Transistor (FINFET) process.
    IPCOM000255036D | 2018-Aug-27
  4. 84.
    IPCOM000255035D | 2018-Aug-27
  5. 85.
    Disclosed is a method to form Co source/drain (S/D) contact metallization with negligible self-aligned contact (SAC) cap erosion.
    IPCOM000255034D | 2018-Aug-27
  6. 86.
    Water balance to reduce need for fresh water in Scherer scrubbers
    IPCOM000255033D | 2018-Aug-27
  7. 87.
    IPCOM000255032D | 2018-Aug-27
  8. 88.
    IPCOM000255031D | 2018-Aug-27
  9. 89.
    IPCOM000255030D | 2018-Aug-27
  10. 90.
    IPCOM000255029D | 2018-Aug-27