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    IPCOM000255391D | 2018-Sep-23
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    IPCOM000255390D | 2018-Sep-23
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    IPCOM000255389D | 2018-Sep-23
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    IPCOM000255387D | 2018-Sep-21
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    At the broadest level, this disclosure includes means for: (1) the real-time automated detection and tracking of the physical location of personnel; (2) interfaces to systems that manage the operating equipment of an industrial facility that includes a zone management safety system to protect different pieces of...
    IPCOM000255386D | 2018-Sep-21
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    The new methods include a procedure for designing an objective function that may be used to optimize drilling performance, where drilling performance is defined in terms of at least two competing measures. More broadly, the inventive method includes a procedure for designing an objective function (OBJ) that may be...
    IPCOM000255385D | 2018-Sep-21
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    IPCOM000255384D | 2018-Sep-21
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    The technical effect of this new process supported by POWERSIL 569 is environment friendly and easy process. There is no solvent in the coating POWERSIL 569. The cured coating surface on the insulator is hydrophobic, smooth or free of bubble. The time cost in the coating & curing process is much more shortened than...
    IPCOM000255383D | 2018-Sep-21
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    The present invention relates to an arrangement and a method for filling a cooling system in a vehicle. The cooling system comprises a coolant circuit configured to cool one or more electrical components of the vehicle. The vehicle is a hybrid vehicle or an electrical vehicle and the electrical components may comprise...
    IPCOM000255382D | 2018-Sep-21
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    IPCOM000255381D | 2018-Sep-21