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    IPCOM000255337D | 2018-Sep-18
  2. 182.
    IPCOM000255336D | 2018-Sep-18
  3. 183.
    This disclosure describes a system of ceiling mounted laser projectors that can display bright visual indications, e.g., arrows, of a path to direct users to a next work location. The techniques of this disclosure can be implemented in various ways. For example, the projected arrow can move as the user moves; a visual...
    IPCOM000255335D | 2018-Sep-18
  4. 184.
    Popular mobile apps have hundreds of millions of users. Consequently, servers that support such apps can receive as many as hundreds of thousands of user requests every second. Certain applications submit requests from a large number of devices such that the requests arrive at the server at nearly the same time. This...
    IPCOM000255334D | 2018-Sep-18
  5. 185.
    Techniques to improve the process of requesting user feedback for a problem event, e.g., a crash experienced by a user device, are described. The user context is determined and requests for feedback about the event experienced by the user device, e.g., crash reports, are provided at an appropriate time based on the...
    IPCOM000255333D | 2018-Sep-18
  6. 186.
    The invention discloses systems and methods to display perspective clinical view on patient monitor. The system receives data from patients for analysis and creates a graphical user interface for display. The graphical user interface includes a perspective clinical view of the patient data. Further, a default view...
    IPCOM000255332D | 2018-Sep-18
  7. 187.
    The disclosure relates to methods of utilizing trained organ models derived from one modality of imaging such as MR, CT, or PET to derive organ labelling or localization models in another imaging modality. When only one test image from new modality is available, or when only a small sample of new modality data is...
    IPCOM000255331D | 2018-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000255330D | 2018-Sep-18
  9. 189.
    IPCOM000255329D | 2018-Sep-18
  10. 190.
    IPCOM000255328D | 2018-Sep-18