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    IPCOM000255327D | 2018-Sep-18
  2. 192.
    IPCOM000255326D | 2018-Sep-18
  3. 193.
    IPCOM000255325D | 2018-Sep-17
  4. 194.
    IPCOM000255324D | 2018-Sep-17
  5. 195.
    IPCOM000255323D | 2018-Sep-17
  6. 196.
    An apparatus and method for reducing eddy current losses in an electromagnetic device secured to a baseplate. An apparatus includes an electromagnetic device comprising a core and at least one winding and a non-conductive shim positioned between the at least one winding of the electromagnetic device and the core of...
    IPCOM000255322D | 2018-Sep-17
  7. 197.
    The invention discloses methods of attaching a die to substrates with pre drilled holes/vias such that the vias/holes will not get filled with adhesive. It also keeps adhesive away from Rf structures to maintain an air dielectric. A photo imageable adhesive is applied at the wafer level. The photo imageable adhesive...
    IPCOM000255321D | 2018-Sep-17
  8. 198.
    Users commonly provide permissions to software applications running on their personal computing devices to access data stored on their devices. Context-based permissions and controls are described that enable users to directly make decisions about data access by software applications in the context of ongoing user...
    IPCOM000255320D | 2018-Sep-17
  9. 199.
    Smart devices continue to proliferate as the Internet-of-Things expands. Advances in both automotive and computing device technology now allow smart device functionality to be integrated into automobiles. In some circumstances, smart device functionality can be incorporated into the computing system of the automobile...
    IPCOM000255319D | 2018-Sep-17
  10. 200.
    Memories are typically tested using preset test patterns that exercise the memory core. In the case of embedded memories, e.g., where memory is integrated within an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), conventional testing is not effective in uncovering defects in the memory-ASIC interface. Stress...
    IPCOM000255318D | 2018-Sep-17