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  1. 231.
    Techniques to improve the process of correcting text transcription of a voice input are described. Words or phrases of the voice input that are not recognized with sufficient confidence are identified and displayed in a manner that distinguishes such phrases from the rest of the transcribed text. Alternatives for the...
    IPCOM000255287D | 2018-Sep-14
  2. 232.
    Users often create online accounts that are used only for a short period after which the user does not utilize the account anymore. Similarly, a user may stop using an account that was previously used regularly. The existence of such unused or stale accounts exposes the user to security and privacy risks, e.g., if the...
    IPCOM000255286D | 2018-Sep-14
  3. 233.
    IPCOM000255285D | 2018-Sep-14
  4. 234.
    IPCOM000255284D | 2018-Sep-14
  5. 235.
    IPCOM000255281D | 2018-Sep-14
  6. 236.
    IPCOM000255280D | 2018-Sep-14
  7. 237.
    Current Operating Systems (OSs) of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, provide applications with capabilities to serve information to users via builtin notification mechanisms. If the information presented by a notification is not useful or timely, the user's current task is...
    IPCOM000255279D | 2018-Sep-14
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    IPCOM000255278D | 2018-Sep-14
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    IPCOM000255277D | 2018-Sep-14
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    IPCOM000255276D | 2018-Sep-14