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  1. 251.
    The safety and reliability of air transportation depends on minimizing maintenance errors that occur in aircraft maintenance system. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for detecting and monitoring of Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) and Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPNs) of the aircrafts....
    IPCOM000255264D | 2018-Sep-13
  2. 252.
    A method and system is disclosed for implementing a retry mechanism as a module running within a Protractor test framework to rerun only the failed tests with specific number of attempts. By rerunning the failed functional tests, the method and system increases resilience of builds and tests and ensures that the...
    IPCOM000255263D | 2018-Sep-13
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    IPCOM000255262D | 2018-Sep-13
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    IPCOM000255261D | 2018-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000255260D | 2018-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000255258D | 2018-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000255257D | 2018-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000255256D | 2018-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000255255D | 2018-Sep-12
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    Current process uses a flat plate with a layer of donor material that is transferred to the target substrate with laser energy. The material that is transferred pulls material from the surrounding layer in the process, which increased the energy needed to transfer, limits the spacing between dots, and contributed to...
    IPCOM000255254D | 2018-Sep-12