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  1. 271.
    IPCOM000255243D | 2018-Sep-11
  2. 272.
    IPCOM000255242D | 2018-Sep-11
  3. 273.
    The invention discloses a cathode device which can spin independently about the central axis of an X-ray tube of rotating frame configuration. The invention allows the highly loaded target bearings otherwise in vacuum and un-lubricated to be immersed in coolant/lubricant while allowing direct convective cooling of the...
    IPCOM000255241D | 2018-Sep-11
  4. 274.
    Issue tracking systems are widely issued for managing the reporting and addressing of various issues in a software system. In many cases, determining the specific software components connected to the issue and the appropriate persons to resolve the issue is not straightforward and requires a series of assignments...
    IPCOM000255240D | 2018-Sep-11
  5. 275.
    IPCOM000255239D | 2018-Sep-11
  6. 276.
    IPCOM000255238D | 2018-Sep-11
  7. 277.
    Telephone users frequently receive unwanted calls from sales, advertising, or spam callers. Such calls may be made by automated agents or bots of such sophistication that they are often difficult to distinguish from human callers. This disclosure presents machine-learning techniques that enable differentiation of...
    IPCOM000255237D | 2018-Sep-11
  8. 278.
    Objects commonly situated in the environment can be used to gather a variety of information about the environment proximate to the respective objects. For example, smart manholes (e.g., manholes configured with sensors and communications devices) or smart manhole covers can include a suite of sensors that can detect...
    IPCOM000255236D | 2018-Sep-11
  9. 279.
    IPCOM000255235D | 2018-Sep-11
  10. 280.
    Technology can be used to enhance the experience of existing games including card games. One way this can be accomplished is through the use of near field communications to detect the state of playing cards and use the detected state of the cards to perform experience enhancing actions associated with their respective...
    IPCOM000255234D | 2018-Sep-11