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    This disclosure proposes a proxy client based dedupe aware distribution mechanism to scale out and aggregate dedupe pools.
    IPCOM000255508D | 2018-Sep-28
  2. 22.
    The novelty lies in the dynamically adapting the read, wb cache data size to the workload read-write ration in the integrated read-write log structured cache.
    IPCOM000255507D | 2018-Sep-28
  3. 23.
    Using Opt-log mechanism to ship the changed data from a secondary node to the scale-out media server and keeping the mapping of the changed logs with the snapshots to provide a point-in time and granular document level recoveries.
    IPCOM000255506D | 2018-Sep-28
  4. 24.
    Cognitive cost-based Read/Write mechanism and two layers' data key management mechanism for deduplication engine to reduce cost for customers backup deduplicated data over cloud storage.
    IPCOM000255505D | 2018-Sep-28
  5. 25.
    A mobile station may be configured with multiple profiles, each with a band preference. This facilitates connecting and roaming to a preferred AP yet avoids unnecessary band preference scans that are sometimes encountered in current systems.
    IPCOM000255504D | 2018-Sep-28
  6. 26.
    IPCOM000255503D | 2018-Sep-28
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    The key aspects of the invention are: 1. Without any configuration loss, self-healing auto recovery mechanism to resolve the stalemate situation (i.e. cluster stuck in ADMIN_WAIT) 2. The method applies to traditional Replicate State Machine clustered application set-ups (and not to scale out distributed application...
    IPCOM000255502D | 2018-Sep-28
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    IPCOM000255501D | 2018-Sep-28
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    IPCOM000255500D | 2018-Sep-28
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    IPCOM000255499D | 2018-Sep-28