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    This document defines a specific protocol, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), for sending DNS [RFC1035] queries and getting DNS responses over HTTP [RFC7540] using https [RFC2818] URIs (and therefore TLS [RFC8446] security for integrity and confidentiality). Each DNS query-response pair is mapped into an HTTP exchange.
    IPCOM000255909D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Oct-01
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    The Domain Name System (DNS), as originally specified in [RFC1034] and [RFC1035], has proved to be an enduring and important platform upon which almost every end-user of the Internet relies. Despite its longevity, extensions to the protocol, new implementations, and refinements to DNS operations continue to emerge...
    IPCOM000255908D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Oct-01
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    The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) holds occasional workshops designed to consider long-term issues and strategies for the Internet, and to suggest future directions for the Internet architecture. The investigated topics often require coordinated efforts from many organizations and industry bodies to improve an...
    IPCOM000255907D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Oct-01
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    Microwave radio is a technology that uses high-frequency radio waves to provide high-speed wireless connections that can send and receive voice, video, and data information. It is a general term used for systems covering a very large range of traffic capacities, channel separations, modulation formats, and...
    IPCOM000255906D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Oct-01
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    IPCOM000255905D | 2018-Oct-19
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    IPCOM000255904D | 2018-Oct-19
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    IPCOM000255903D | 2018-Oct-19
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    IPCOM000255902D | 2018-Oct-19
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    IPCOM000255901D | 2018-Oct-19
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    IPCOM000255900D | 2018-Oct-19