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    IPCOM000255945D | 2018-Oct-24
  2. 92.
    IPCOM000255944D | 2018-Oct-24
  3. 93.
    The present invention discloses processes for preparing 5-(4-cyanophenoxy)-1,3-dihydro-1-hydroxy-[2,1]-benzoxaborole using 2-halo-5-(4-cyanophenoxy)benzaldehyde as intermediate. Processes for preparing the intermediate 2-halo-5-(4-cyanophenoxy)benzaldehyde are also disclosed.
    IPCOM000255943D | 2018-Oct-24
  4. 94.
    IPCOM000255942D | 2018-Oct-24
  5. 95.
    The present disclosure describes systems and methods for identifying user input to a computing system, such as to identify when a user is dissatisfied with a service. According to aspects of the present disclosure, a computing system that is providing the service can monitor for a trigger event that signals a user's...
    IPCOM000255941D | 2018-Oct-24
  6. 96.
    Mobile device applications and operating systems offer a data-saving option such that online content that is believed to be unchanged since last load is not reloaded. However, this sometimes leads to a situation where online content that has actually changed is not reloaded or that stale content is reloaded. The...
    IPCOM000255940D | 2018-Oct-24
  7. 97.
    A system and method are disclosed to train speech transcription models via crowdsourcing. Users of a media sharing platform may view real-time transcriptions associated with media on the user devices and identify the transcriptions as correct or incorrect. Users may determine with high accuracy correct and incorrect...
    IPCOM000255939D | 2018-Oct-24
  8. 98.
    A system and method that provide self-grounding to an electrostatic discharge (ESD) table is disclosed. The system includes a workbench that has an ESD dissipative top. The top is connected to the foot of the workbench through a boot that effectively grounds the workbench on an ESD protected passing floor. With the...
    IPCOM000255938D | 2018-Oct-24
  9. 99.
    This disclosure describes techniques to perform improved automatic white balance correction to digital images in a user's collection. With user permission, multiple photos that depict the same subjects are found in the user's collection in photos depicting a variety of different lighting and environments, and an...
    IPCOM000255937D | 2018-Oct-24
  10. 100.
    Video material, such as movies and TV shows, often includes visual and auditory information for users that have sensory disabilities. For example, a blind movie watcher will listen to audio descriptions of visual scenes of the movie and a deaf movie watcher will read descriptions (e.g., closed captioning) of audio...
    IPCOM000255936D | 2018-Oct-24