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  1. 111.
    IPCOM000255925D | 2018-Oct-22
  2. 112.
    The technology discussed herein relates to a temperature indicator, which can be used with an ESP Motor Head in some instances. In some instances, the temperature indicator may be an electric submersible pump (ESP) motor head temperature indicator. In some instances the technology may be used to obtain data...
    IPCOM000255924D | 2018-Oct-22
  3. 113.
    The technology discussed herein relates to sensors, and in particular, the configuration of sensors. In some instances, the current configuration of installed sensors must be done manually sensor by sensor after they are attached to a cable and connected to the installed UT equipment then to collect data on sensors...
    IPCOM000255923D | 2018-Oct-22
  4. 114.
    The technology discussed herein relates to adjustment of an ultrasound technology (UT) system. In particular, the technology relates to adjustment of a UT system using a robot system as a manipulator. UT, or ultrasonic testing systems may need to be adjusted before use. Current systems may require that an operator...
    IPCOM000255922D | 2018-Oct-22
  5. 115.
    IPCOM000255921D | 2018-Oct-22
  6. 116.
    IPCOM000255920D | 2018-Oct-22
  7. 117.
    IPCOM000255919D | 2018-Oct-22
  8. 118.
    IPCOM000255918D | 2018-Oct-22
  9. 119.
    IPCOM000255917D | 2018-Oct-22
  10. 120.
    IPCOM000255916D | 2018-Oct-22