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    IPCOM000256031D | 2018-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000256030D | 2018-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000256029D | 2018-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000256028D | 2018-Oct-31
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    Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) and Embedded SIM (eSIM) offer the possibility of supporting multiple subscription profiles within the same card. Only one of these subscriptions can be active at a given time. However, a single active subscription may not work well for acquiring citizens broadband radio service...
    IPCOM000256025D | 2018-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is an approach to find an embedded floating gate non-volatile memory (NVM) solution for sub-28nm technologies. The solution is a new NOR-type recessed floating gate NVM cell.
    IPCOM000256024D | 2018-Oct-30
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    Exxpro™ BIMSM polymer is considered an ideal elastomer system for tire curing bladder and envelope applications. However, due to the unique polymer structure of BIMSM polymer, cure chemistry of BIMSM with octylphenol formaldehyde resin is fundamentally different from unsaturated elastomers with such cure system,...
    IPCOM000256023D | 2018-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a method to add a gate bulge at the Self-Aligned Contact (SAC) nitride height instead of keeping a straight gate profile at the poly gate etch process step. This acts as a gate bulge umbrella to protect the lowk spacer from erosion and preserve lowk integrity.
    IPCOM000256022D | 2018-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a new vertical fin Field Effect Transistor (finFET) high density (HD) static random-access memory (SRAM) bitcell design. This solution designs the 6T vertical FETs and interconnects to achieve very high density.
    IPCOM000256021D | 2018-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a new device featuring a laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) device at the hybrid section and an Field-Plate ("FP") at the RX section that is compatible with technology.
    IPCOM000256020D | 2018-Oct-30