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    Per techniques of this disclosure, clients send opaque blobs of text to a server, rather than full operational transforms. The server uses the revision number received from the client to infer operational transforms by obtaining the shortest edit sequence between the received opaque text and revisions subsequent to...
    IPCOM000256009D | 2018-Oct-30
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    A neutral host network (NHN) is a mobile network in which wireless coverage is provided by infrastructure that is shared across operators. A neutral host network may provide mobile services such as LTE over unlicensed spectrum. The sharing of infrastructure and use of unlicensed spectrum produces cost savings for...
    IPCOM000256008D | 2018-Oct-30
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    The invention concerns a process and apparatus for chemically smoothing a plastic part produced by selective layer-by-layer solidification of a building material. The procedure comprises the following steps: tempering the plastic part to a first temperature; tempering solvent vapour comprising a solvent to a second...
    IPCOM000256007D | 2018-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000256006D | 2018-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000256004D | 2018-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000256003D | 2018-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000256002D | 2018-Oct-30
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    Magnetic microphone boom works as an accessory to a headset, allowing the user to decide between different boom sizes, converting their headset from performance audio headphones into a good headset to make/receive calls.
    IPCOM000256001D | 2018-Oct-29
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    A method is provided for repair of delaminations in composite components
    IPCOM000256000D | 2018-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000255999D | 2018-Oct-29