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Month of October 2018 - Page Number 7

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    IPCOM000255976D | 2018-Oct-27
  2. 62.
    IPCOM000255975D | 2018-Oct-27
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    IPCOM000255974D | 2018-Oct-27
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    IPCOM000255973D | 2018-Oct-27
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    A new oil soluble polymer (INCI: Polyurethane-79) from Lubrizol is an innovative rheology modifier. It creates thickening with clarity and suspension in a broad spectrum of oils and oil mixtures such as natural oils/triglycerides, and synthetic esters. When used in anhydrous systems, it can improve sensory attributes...
    IPCOM000255972D | 2018-Oct-26
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    IPCOM000255971D | 2018-Oct-26
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    Snap rings are one of the most common components used to retain parts assembled on shafts. They sit in a groove which have slightly smaller diameter (Di) than the dia. of shaft (Ds) & width slightly bigger than ring thickness (W). To fit a snap ring in place they need to be expanded beyond shaft dia. (Ds) and then...
    IPCOM000255970D | 2018-Oct-26
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    IPCOM000255969D | 2018-Oct-26
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    IPCOM000255968D | 2018-Oct-26
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    IPCOM000255967D | 2018-Oct-26