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  1. 91.
    The disclosure relates to a method of bias-free multiparametric registration in MRI imaging. The method involves registration of volumes from different modalities such as PET, CT, etc. in a groupwise fashion without computing a mean, thus avoiding any reference bias. The registration is accomplished by a rotating...
    IPCOM000256362D | 2018-Nov-22
  2. 92.
    IPCOM000256361D | 2018-Nov-22
  3. 93.
    The invention discloses systems and methods to provide a digital maternal and fetal monitor equipped with a voice-activated smart assistant software application for data transfer and interaction by clinicians. The system includes a collection of sensors equipped to monitor the mother and fetus, connected either by...
    IPCOM000256360D | 2018-Nov-22
  4. 94.
    The invention discloses a set of steps to read chest X-ray images and extract features from chest X-rays to detect tuberculosis (TB) using machine learning and deep learning implementation. The workflow mimics the clinician's way of studying a chest X-ray image for tuberculosis detection. The lung region is first...
    IPCOM000256359D | 2018-Nov-22
  5. 95.
    The invention discloses a system and a method to improve complex imaging of human anatomy from head to foot with at least 7 axes of linear and angulation motion during X ray/CT scan. The system includes an X-ray source and a detector mounted on a flexible arm fixed below the patient support table. The detector is...
    IPCOM000256358D | 2018-Nov-22
  6. 96.
    IPCOM000256356D | 2018-Nov-22
  7. 97.
    IPCOM000256355D | 2018-Nov-21
  8. 98.
    IPCOM000256354D | 2018-Nov-21
  9. 99.
    The invention herein proposes the use of deployable drones within a store to provide fast, high-quality customer service retail shoppers. Each drone would be equipped with a camera, barcode reader, microphone, speaker, wireless connectivity, LED light array, and charging contacts.
    IPCOM000256353D | 2018-Nov-21
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    IPCOM000256352D | 2018-Nov-21