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    IPCOM000256415D | 2018-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000256414D | 2018-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000256413D | 2018-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000256412D | 2018-Nov-29
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    Classical hair styling formulations contain one or more setting polymer to achieve an appropriate styling performance. Beyond the basic styling performance, represented by bending stiffness and curl retention, styling products nowadays have to fulfil more requirements. Products in the market claim heat protection,...
    IPCOM000256411D | 2018-Nov-28
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    The present invention relates to crystalline form of the insecticide compound of formula (I), in particular to a crystalline form A, and its various physical properties
    IPCOM000256410D | 2018-Nov-28
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    Use a vendor-specific UI for wireless stations to allow a client to interrupt channel scanning and return to its home channel when data is being buffered by the AP.
    IPCOM000256409D | 2018-Nov-28
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    Techniques set forth herein are related to on-demand dynamic requests for multi-factor authentication ("MFA") challenges, such as two factor authentication ("2FA") challenges. The MFA challenges can be selectively provided to a user in response to an interaction of the user with an automated assistant. In some...
    IPCOM000256408D | 2018-Nov-28
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    A system and method for task management are disclosed. The system may include an electronic device that allows users to enter a list of tasks as input. The system may further use a scheduling algorithm to schedule the entered tasks. The primary output of the system is a schedule assigning tasks for a predetermined...
    IPCOM000256407D | 2018-Nov-28
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    A system and method are disclosed to visually construct a progressively downloadable application. The system may be configured to record a session of an application running on a user device. The system may then generate a visual timeline of the application session and provide the timeline to a developer. The developer...
    IPCOM000256406D | 2018-Nov-28