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    This publication describes a new user-behavior-guided dynamic loader in embedded operating systems (OS). It is well-understood that embedded devices, such as smartphones, are constrained in their random-access memory (RAM) resource. To better utilize the RAM resource, developers use shared libraries when building...
    IPCOM000256405D | 2018-Nov-28
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    The present work discloses the preparation and characterization of a novel crystalline Form-N of valsartan disodium
    IPCOM000256404D | 2018-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000256401D | 2018-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000256400D | 2018-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000256399D | 2018-Nov-28
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    With the advent of conversational smart assistants, users are increasingly spending time with screen-free devices and audio media. Advertisers want to effectively reach these users and engage with them, but they currently lack formats beyond traditional television and radio commercials. This disclosure describes...
    IPCOM000256398D | 2018-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000256397D | 2018-Nov-28
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    Effective follow-up is important for patient health recovery. This disclosure describes automated and natural language enabled follow-up of patients in healthcare settings. Information pertaining to multiple health conditions and treatments is archived. Subsequent to a patient visit to a provider and with explicit...
    IPCOM000256396D | 2018-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000256395D | 2018-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000256394D | 2018-Nov-28