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    OILKEMIAâ„¢ 5S Polymer is used as encapsulating agent in the preparation of lipid microparticles containing cosmetic actives. As the obtained microparticles are solid due to the presence of OILKEMIA 5S, the skin permeation of the encapsulated active is decreased. This serves to target the delivery of the active on the...
    IPCOM000256383D | 2018-Nov-27
  2. 72.
    A vehicle service operator is provided with a vehicle selection interface on a network-connected vehicle service system, which includes selectable visual representations of vehicles currently available at the service location. Selection of a vehicle visual representation enables the operator to establish an...
    IPCOM000256382D | 2018-Nov-27
  3. 73.
    IPCOM000256381D | 2018-Nov-27
  4. 74.
    Digital dividers available today either produce even type or odd type of division. Further, their division value can't be changed on the fly, and if it can be changed, it can go from even -> even type division or odd -> odd type division due to the absence of a proper latching mechanism. Moreover, even if they are...
    IPCOM000256380D | 2018-Nov-27
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    IPCOM000256379D | 2018-Nov-26
  6. 76.
    IPCOM000256378D | 2018-Nov-26
  7. 77.
    Virtual digital assistants generally do not account for the user's emotional context. As a result, the responses of a virtual assistant may not better the user's mood. This disclosure describes techniques by which an assistant detects with user permission the current emotional context of the user, and uses it to...
    IPCOM000256377D | 2018-Nov-26
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    Testing of a consumer device often includes coupling the device to a host computer and running test suites from the host computer. For authentication purposes, the device typically includes an extra image, e.g., a replica of the software to be tested on the device, which includes a pre-loaded debug bridge key....
    IPCOM000256376D | 2018-Nov-26
  9. 79.
    The present disclosure describes systems and methods for generating optimized content for the internet. According to aspects of the present disclosure, a computing system can obtain content data and/or metric data. The computing system can generate article data representing one or more article forms based at least in...
    IPCOM000256375D | 2018-Nov-26
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    A mechanism is proposed for identifying policy violating videos based on user behavior. A content item service may identify a first video associated with a first probability value for the first video of violating one or more policies set within a content item service platform. The content item service may identify a...
    IPCOM000256374D | 2018-Nov-26