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    IPCOM000256695D | 2018-Dec-20
  2. 102.
    Vary the interval at which a soft AP beacons based on the number of clients and/or the amount of network traffic of the clients
    IPCOM000256694D | 2018-Dec-20
  3. 103.
    IPCOM000256693D | 2018-Dec-20
  4. 104.
    IPCOM000256692D | 2018-Dec-20
  5. 105.
    IPCOM000256691D | 2018-Dec-20
  6. 106.
    IPCOM000256690D | 2018-Dec-20
  7. 107.
    IPCOM000256689D | 2018-Dec-20
  8. 108.
    IPCOM000256688D | 2018-Dec-20
  9. 109.
    While the user is texting/interacting with their phone while driving, the phones camera is pointed at the interior of the car. The camera will be facing the pedals, steering wheel, instrument cluster, etc. If the phone is moving at automotive speeds and the camera is pointed at one of the "driver side" objects,...
    IPCOM000256687D | 2018-Dec-20
  10. 110.
    When vehicle is travelling in the special zones (school zone, road construction zone, roundabouts, areas with huge crowd of pedestrians), Navigation system should provide a signal to the brake control module. Once the brake control module receive this flag and notice driver's is not applying gas pedal, the system...
    IPCOM000256686D | 2018-Dec-20