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    IPCOM000256611D | 2018-Dec-14
  2. 182.
    IPCOM000256610D | 2018-Dec-14
  3. 183.
    The present solution relates to control arrangement enabling testing of brakes of all axes of a liftable tandem axle.
    IPCOM000256609D | 2018-Dec-14
  4. 184.
    Rewarded ads are an ad format that gives users the option to watch a (typically) thirtysecond video ad in exchange of a reward, e.g., in-app points. Some rewarded ads additionally offer to install apps. Users who choose to download the app early during the rewarded video ad are forced to watch the remaining sections...
    IPCOM000256608D | 2018-Dec-14
  5. 185.
    IPCOM000256607D | 2018-Dec-14
  6. 186.
    The present disclosure introduces an apparatus for observing and detecting internal flashovers in gas circuit breakers during either routine factory power frequency testing, R&D development testing or for use in long term applications in the field. The apparatus is composed of a flange with gas seals, a transparent...
    IPCOM000256606D | 2018-Dec-13
  7. 187.
    The present disclosure introduces a new wind drivetrain, which uses a dual winding (6-phase) AC generator and a single partial-rated back-to-back (B2B) power converter. In this disclosure, according to the wind speed level, the wind drivetrain can operate in two different modes, including single power converter mode...
    IPCOM000256605D | 2018-Dec-13
  8. 188.
    IPCOM000256604D | 2018-Dec-13
  9. 189.
    An HVDC control scheme is described for improving power grid transient stability utilizing wide area measurements. The control scheme can provide the power grid with additional synchronizing and damping torques through fast DC power modulations in response to arising system dynamic conditions. The control scheme is...
    IPCOM000256603D | 2018-Dec-13
  10. 190.
    IPCOM000256601D | 2018-Dec-13