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    Ad fraud occurs when unscrupulous web or app publishers generate clicks, adimpressions, or other events using bots that emulate human visitors to the web-page, app, or ads within. Ad fraud improperly diverts significant amounts of revenue to such publishers. Ad networks have long grappled with controlling or...
    IPCOM000256589D | 2018-Dec-13
  2. 202.
    Damaging or objectionable innuendo can sometimes get associated with otherwise harmless-looking symbols or images. Although machines can recognize a wide range of mature or objectionable material, innuendo is difficult to detect. In certain jurisdictions, innuendo, even if transitory or understood only within limited...
    IPCOM000256588D | 2018-Dec-13
  3. 203.
    Advertisers or publishers prefer users who return often to their apps. Re-engagement ads are ads that target specific users who have used their apps historically. The problem is to design the re-engagement ad (or ad campaign) such that they appeal to users. By driving re-engagement and reducing cost per re-engagement,...
    IPCOM000256587D | 2018-Dec-13
  4. 204.
    App developers seek to optimize the number, format, placement, and combination of ads to be served a given user. However, they often don't know which placements, numbers, or formats are the most effective. Running tests to determine optimal ad combinations to a given user is cumbersome and time-consuming. This...
    IPCOM000256586D | 2018-Dec-13
  5. 205.
    A mechanism is proposed for sharing true opinions amongst a plurality of users in a cloud storage system. An opinion sharing service may generate a group public key and a plurality of member private keys. Responsive to receiving from a first member a request to open a discussion forum for the group, the opinion...
    IPCOM000256585D | 2018-Dec-13
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    IPCOM000256584D | 2018-Dec-12
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    IPCOM000256583D | 2018-Dec-12
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    IPCOM000256582D | 2018-Dec-12
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    IPCOM000256581D | 2018-Dec-12
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    IPCOM000256580D | 2018-Dec-12