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  1. 31.
    This disclosure provides a solution for calculating correct frame loss results in the event of initial SLMs for which no SLR is received during a measurement period, thus providing key benefits in monitoring an SLA using ETH-SLM.
    IPCOM000256768D | 2018-Dec-28
  2. 32.
    This solution targets low cost systems which have CPU limitations (e.g. cpu processing power, limited number of resources, etc.) thus allowing limited sessions to be run at a given time, which is for a fixed priority. This disclosure aims at utilizing those limited sessions for a wide priority range by allowing...
    IPCOM000256767D | 2018-Dec-28
  3. 33.
    This disclosure addresses the inherent flaw in the above arrangement where Client L1 Control-Plane info and NE to NE management communication riding on Communication channels of TDM as overheads (DCC bytes in case of SONET), are not sent across at all as desired in a Circuit Emulation model. As a result, L1...
    IPCOM000256766D | 2018-Dec-28
  4. 34.
    The present disclosure relates to a hitless replacement of Border Gateway Protocol-Labeled Unicast (BGP-LU) tunnel due to a topology change and Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) tunnel selection and load balancing in BGP-LU. This disclosure provides hitless traffic during modification of BGP LU tunnels and does not...
    IPCOM000256765D | 2018-Dec-28
  5. 35.
    IPCOM000256764D | 2018-Dec-28
  6. 36.
    The present disclosure provides a solution which solves the re-configurations required for each IP interface for un-numbered IP networks by automatically learning the peer IP and eventually resolving the ARP of the peer interface. The current standard RFC 5309 outlines the need to know the MAC address on an unnumbered...
    IPCOM000256763D | 2018-Dec-28
  7. 37.
    This disclosure provides a method of using Spanning Tree Protocol (STP/RSTP) for detecting packet Loop on Aggregation member ports caused by incorrect transmit(Tx)/receive(Rx) wiring or unintentional loopback on intermediate or end device/s. This solution is primarily for detecting the packet loops on the ports of...
    IPCOM000256762D | 2018-Dec-28
  8. 38.
    This disclosure provides using WTR timer propagation for preventing loops caused by stale NR, RB PDUs. This disclosure proposes extension to the RAPS PDU frame format, by adding an organizational specific TLV to RAPS PDU, representing the value of WTR timer. The reception of an old RAPS PDU may result in erroneous...
    IPCOM000256761D | 2018-Dec-28
  9. 39.
    This disclosure provides during re-setup of backup/Facility Bypass (FB) Label Switched Path (LSP) (tunnels) automatically making use of a Make Before Break (MBB) operation as and when SRLG(s) are updated on Traffic Engineering (TE) links. The auto re-setup of backup tunnels or FB tunnels maintains path diversity on...
    IPCOM000256760D | 2018-Dec-28
  10. 40.
    This disclosure utilizes BFD Echo mechanisms and packet format for performance monitoring (PM) of the service layer over which a BFD is running.
    IPCOM000256759D | 2018-Dec-28