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Month of December 2018 - Page Number 5

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    In BGP protocol, routes are distributed via BGP sessions. eBGP session learned routes are distributed to all the BGP peers (or to Route reflector) but routes learned vai iBGP session are not distributed to other iBGP sessions.
    IPCOM000256758D | 2018-Dec-28
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    IPCOM000256757D | 2018-Dec-28
  3. 43.
    IPCOM000256756D | 2018-Dec-27
  4. 44.
    Problem: People living in area where there is no sunlight for long time or who are working in some closed place where there is no chance of sunlight ,can have vitamin D deficiency. People in such areas has to pay extra money and spend time to get vitamin D from artificial light. Solution: We can invent a display for...
    IPCOM000256755D | 2018-Dec-27
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    In this report, we explore the feasibility to measure gas concentration with a low cost thermal conductivity sensor consisting of a heater and a temperature sensor all integrated in digital temperature-sensor or relative humidity & temperature-sensor. Here, we use fully integrated CMOS-based temperature sensors...
    IPCOM000256754D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Installing or removing dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) from their sockets is conventionally done with bare or gloved hands. People who do this regularly, e.g., workers at a factory assembly line, maintenance personnel at a data center, etc., can experience cuts or soft tissue compression on their fingers. These...
    IPCOM000256753D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Traditional computing systems use simple, fast-to-compute heuristics to inform various decisions, such as allocating fractions of input/output bandwidth when switching among various tasks. Although fast and simple to execute, heuristics alone fail to account for the context of the computing system and the system's...
    IPCOM000256752D | 2018-Dec-27
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    With the advent of conversational smart assistants, users are increasingly spending time with screen-free devices and audio media. Advertisers want to effectively reach these users and engage with them. However, at present they lack ad formats beyond television and radio style commercials, which are generic broadcast...
    IPCOM000256751D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Aside from malicious software gaining access and corrupting sections of computer memory, even legitimate software can inadvertently overwrite and damage its own memory content. Memory protection units exist that enable programmers to cordon off sensitive sections of memory. However, there is currently no mechanism to...
    IPCOM000256750D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Online ads and other text content are designed such that the text content completely fits within a defined area. However, the size of the text container may change when viewed under different viewports. For example, a responsive ad is constructed to be displayable in viewports of varying sizes. Text sized for a...
    IPCOM000256749D | 2018-Dec-27