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    Online application stores, e.g., that enable users to download software applications to a user device, include rating systems that allow users to provide ratings and reviews. Some application developers attempt to obtain favorable reviews for their apps by first asking users if they are enjoying the app, and...
    IPCOM000256748D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Businesses use pre-sales questionnaires to quantify the value of incoming leads. Results from such questionnaires can improve allocations of sales resources and optimize advertising campaigns. A given questionnaire may ask for dozens of pieces of information from a prospective client. However, it is well understood...
    IPCOM000256747D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Online ads sometimes continue unchanged even after the ad had resulted in a conversion, e.g., after a user has purchased the advertised product. Many users find such continued presence of the ad annoying. Also, not refreshing the ad with a different product represents lost revenue for the website publisher and the ad...
    IPCOM000256746D | 2018-Dec-27
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    HTML has a provision for adding a textual description, known as alt text, to media elements in a webpage, such as images and videos. This is useful for improving accessibility of web pages, for display environments that do not support a particular media item, for content searching, etc. The alt text is currently added...
    IPCOM000256745D | 2018-Dec-27
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    Internet search engines, which make information nearly universally accessible, still perform poorly at handling queries with mathematical content. The reasons for suboptimal handling of mathematical content by search engines include the following: the difficulty of entering mathematical expressions into search...
    IPCOM000256744D | 2018-Dec-27
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    IPCOM000256743D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256742D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256741D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256740D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256739D | 2018-Dec-26