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    IPCOM000256738D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256737D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256736D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256735D | 2018-Dec-26
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    IPCOM000256734D | 2018-Dec-26
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    Voice-controlled virtual assistants typically maintain a standard output volume level. In certain circumstances, this leads to a response from the virtual assistant that is either too loud or too low. For example, if the last-used context of the virtual assistant was a party with high ambient noise, then the virtual...
    IPCOM000256733D | 2018-Dec-26
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    In some countries, unlicensed spectrum used by WiFi networks is shared with radar systems. WiFi networks that operate in such bands employ radar detection and avoidance. A WiFi transceiver spends a certain channel sojourn (dwell) time scanning a channel prior to starting communication on it. A full scan takes about...
    IPCOM000256732D | 2018-Dec-26
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    People frequently perform online tasks that require input from others, typically requiring multiple context switches to consult with multiple parties until a consensus is reached. The process can be time consuming, requiring the user to pause until others provide input. A user must also remember to return to the task...
    IPCOM000256731D | 2018-Dec-26
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    It can be difficult for the individual group members of a multi-party chat to determine the relationships that connect the different members. Owing to this unfamiliarity, individuals can feel unsure and hesitant to express themselves freely in the multi-party chat. Such restraint can limit the topics and style of chat...
    IPCOM000256730D | 2018-Dec-26
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    This publication describes an operating system (OS) that re-defines a user as a sum of all occupants in a shared space, and not merely as a single individual who has signed into a shared device. To identify the occupants of a space, the OS uses objective markers, such as: facial recognition, radar signature, biometric...
    IPCOM000256729D | 2018-Dec-26