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Month of December 2018 - Page Number 8

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  1. 71.
    A low-latency reporting mechanism that runs as a layer on top of an analytics engine is described. The analytics engine runs a predictive model to generate one or more metrics related to online content usage in near future. The predictive model is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The predictive...
    IPCOM000256728D | 2018-Dec-26
  2. 72.
    A machine-learning model that automatically converts audio streams from an audio-visual content from a source language to a destination language is described. In response to determining that an audio stream should be translated, a machine-learning-based dubbing model is invoked for a specific destination language. In...
    IPCOM000256727D | 2018-Dec-26
  3. 73.
    This disclosure describes techniques to secure and remove private images (e.g., photos) from display on user devices. With user permission, a device examines stored user images for private content and relocates detected private images to a locked album on the device. The private album can include user-adjustable...
    IPCOM000256726D | 2018-Dec-26
  4. 74.
    Due to reasons of security, mobile device operating systems generally allow the camera buffer to be written only by the camera - the camera buffer cannot be filled with mock frames. Due to write-restrictions on the camera buffer, e.g., technical infeasibility of feeding arbitrary, repeatable frame sequences to the...
    IPCOM000256725D | 2018-Dec-26
  5. 75.
    Classifiers are characterized by many measures, e.g., precision, recall, accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, receiver operating curve (ROC), fall-out, class imbalance, etc. Some measures are synonymous, e.g., sensitivity and recall. The profusion of terms causes some difficulties. This disclosure leverages the...
    IPCOM000256724D | 2018-Dec-26
  6. 76.
    The present disclosure relates to a calendar system and related method for determining the time zone associated with an event and generating a calendar that shows multiple time zones corresponding to events in the calendar. The calendar system can include a computing system that receives event data including...
    IPCOM000256723D | 2018-Dec-26
  7. 77.
    Software application developers seek user feedback about their apps. In particular, app developers are interested in learning why users stop using their apps. However, if a user leaves, e.g., uninstalls an app, it is difficult to bring such users back to the app, even for the purposes of feedback. With user...
    IPCOM000256722D | 2018-Dec-26
  8. 78.
    Content providers often benefit from feedback on the quality of their content before it ships to a broader audience. Separately, app developers aim to maximize revenue and online users prefer more interesting advertisements. This disclosure uses online advertising slots to display test content produced by content...
    IPCOM000256721D | 2018-Dec-26
  9. 79.
    A user of a mobile device often adjusts various user settings, e.g., speaker volume, screen brightness, etc., to reach a comfortable level. Sometimes, the user reaches, e.g., a volume level, that is a bit too high, and so hits the volume-down button. This results in a level that is too low, and so the user adjusts the...
    IPCOM000256720D | 2018-Dec-26
  10. 80.
    Several changes in personal care consumer trends have caused the pigmented application market to bloom. Multifunctional products, such as alphabet creams, have created a revolutionary milestone in skin care applications which includes color cosmetic and sun care benefits in addition to skin care claims. Inorganic...
    IPCOM000256719D | 2018-Dec-24