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  1. 101.
    This disclosure utilizes image recognition techniques in consumer retail applications. Objects in an image are recognized and corresponding retail information, e.g., links to purchase an object, is provided to users. Image recognition techniques are integrated into point of sale applications and utilized for product...
    IPCOM000257219D | 2019-Jan-22
  2. 102.
    An auto-focus camera determines and focuses on a region-of-interest (RoI), e.g., faces, plates of food, flowers, etc. There is a slight lag, of the order of milliseconds, between the determination of the RoI and the capture of an image. During the time period of the lag, the subject of the photograph can sometimes...
    IPCOM000257218D | 2019-Jan-22
  3. 103.
    IPCOM000257217D | 2019-Jan-22
  4. 104.
    IPCOM000257216D | 2019-Jan-22
  5. 105.
    IPCOM000257215D | 2019-Jan-22
  6. 106.
    IPCOM000257214D | 2019-Jan-22
  7. 107.
    IPCOM000257213D | 2019-Jan-22
  8. 108.
    The disclosure is related to a converter system structure that may be used in connection UPS systems. A solution is suggested in which a thermal interface for waste heat removal is concentrated to a central system level assembly for simple interfacing to any medium that may be optimal, such as gas, liquid or solid, on...
    IPCOM000257212D | 2019-Jan-22
  9. 109.
    The invention discloses a system and a method to hold or retain an anesthetic bottle during an anesthetic fill process that may allow for precise timing of the fluid and gas exchange between the bottle and vaporizer. This minimizes the anesthetic agent losses and may minimize exposure to anesthetic during the...
    IPCOM000257211D | 2019-Jan-22
  10. 110.
    IPCOM000257210D | 2019-Jan-21