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Month of January 2019 - Page Number 14

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    IPCOM000257189D | 2019-Jan-18
  2. 132.
    IPCOM000257188D | 2019-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000257187D | 2019-Jan-18
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    Problem: There is no doubt that the digitalization age that we are living in has extreme impacts on consumer consumption models. We are always in a hurry, live faster and the way we shop for products today is definitely different from the past. We have gone from a linear, retail-focused model to today's iterative,...
    IPCOM000257186D | 2019-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000257185D | 2019-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000257184D | 2019-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000257183D | 2019-Jan-18
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    In-flight entertainment (IFE) systems are one of the features of a business aircraft to keep the passengers happy and satisfied. Currently available IFE systems provide recorded media content, weather information, and live news, among others. Media equipment of the IFE have a very fast update cycle and aircraft sound...
    IPCOM000257182D | 2019-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000257181D | 2019-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000257180D | 2019-Jan-18