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  1. 141.
    The disclosure is related to a capacitor bank arrangement in a power converter device. The disclosure generally addresses an issue of arranging the capacitors, such as in a dc-link capacitor bank, in order to achieve a low inductance commutation loop. A solution is suggested in which two paralleled sets of...
    IPCOM000257179D | 2019-Jan-18
  2. 142.
    The disclosure is related to a filter arrangement that may be used in connection with electric drives and power converter devices. A solution is suggested that combines advantages of a passive LC filter and an active filter cell. The solution may include a main power stage operating at a low switching frequency, a...
    IPCOM000257178D | 2019-Jan-18
  3. 143.
    The invention proposes devices and methods for detecting and tracking the number of sterilization cycles that a component of a system undergoes during reprocessing. A sterilization cycle count tracking device includes a bimetallic coil made of two metals of different thermal coefficients of expansion connected to an...
    IPCOM000257177D | 2019-Jan-18
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a modular battery accessory that can be attached to a sound processor that usually operates using an internal battery.
    IPCOM000257176D | 2019-Jan-18
  5. 145.
    IPCOM000257175D | 2019-Jan-18
  6. 146.
    IPCOM000257174D | 2019-Jan-18
  7. 147.
    IPCOM000257173D | 2019-Jan-18
  8. 148.
    Power-On-Reset (POR) circuits are required to detect and monitor the presence of supply. Multi-voltage domain operations within a single chip require reliable level-shifter to safe-state different circuits during supply ramp-up or supply absence. These level-shifters are different than conventional level-shifters as...
    IPCOM000257172D | 2019-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000257171D | 2019-Jan-17
  10. 150.
    IPCOM000257170D | 2019-Jan-17