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    IPCOM000257149D | 2019-Jan-16
  2. 172.
    IPCOM000257148D | 2019-Jan-16
  3. 173.
    IPCOM000257147D | 2019-Jan-16
  4. 174.
    In the proposed concept, raw air inlet side is fixed with a metal ring to improve its structural stability and to restrict air flow in the reverse direction. (for tangential flow 2 stage air cleaner). This improves structural stability of the inlet part. This arrangement of integrating sleeve on to the reinforcement...
    IPCOM000257146D | 2019-Jan-16
  5. 175.
    Content such as images is sometimes used online without proper permission or attribution by parties other than content creators and owners. Prior to use, such parties may also alter the content as well as associated metadata. Such practices subvert rights of the content creators and owners and can mislead readers due...
    IPCOM000257143D | 2019-Jan-16
  6. 176.
    A technique is proposed for assisting a user with creating and polishing a document such as a presentation slide stored on a cloud-content based platform. A slide assistant service provided by the cloud-content based platform receives content to be included in a slide for a presentation. The slide assistant service...
    IPCOM000257142D | 2019-Jan-16
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    The disclosure describes techniques to automatically extract coupon codes from email, chat, SMS messages and suggest the use of available coupon codes when a user visits a website or other platform where the coupon codes are valid. Coupon codes are stored in a user account, e.g., on a server, and are synchronized to...
    IPCOM000257141D | 2019-Jan-16
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    IPCOM000257140D | 2019-Jan-15
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    IPCOM000257139D | 2019-Jan-15
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    IPCOM000257138D | 2019-Jan-15