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    IPCOM000257137D | 2019-Jan-15
  2. 182.
    IPCOM000257136D | 2019-Jan-15
  3. 183.
    IPCOM000257135D | 2019-Jan-15
  4. 184.
    Emitted power from consumer devices is required to meet a specific absorption rate (SAR) limit. Since SAR limits apply to the total transmitted power, mobile devices that have multiple radios limit transmit power on each radio based on the on/off status of other radios. For example, if cellular is enabled, then the...
    IPCOM000257134D | 2019-Jan-15
  5. 185.
    The transmitting and receiving capabilities of a device are turned off when it is put in airplane mode. As a result, a device in airplane mode is unable to transmit information about its location to an external entity, e.g., that tracks its whereabouts to help find the device when it is lost or stolen. This disclosure...
    IPCOM000257133D | 2019-Jan-15
  6. 186.
    App developers benefit from increased distribution of their apps. This disclosure leverages existing app users as affiliate marketers to spread word about the app. Users that consent to act as affiliate marketers and spread the word, e.g., on social media, are rewarded upon the acquisition of a new user. KEYWORDS ‚óŹ...
    IPCOM000257132D | 2019-Jan-15
  7. 187.
    To reduce the latency of rendering the page of an app in an application store (e.g., that provides access to downloads of apps to a mobile device), the application store app periodically synchronizes with its backend and caches on the user mobile device app pages that a user is likely to visit. This disclosure uses...
    IPCOM000257131D | 2019-Jan-15
  8. 188.
    A web currency is described for settling digital transactions between parties. Users acquire web currency by outright purchase and based on user contributions. User privacy and security is enabled via the use of anonymized addresses that are mapped in a secure and private manner to a user wallet. User access of...
    IPCOM000257130D | 2019-Jan-15
  9. 189.
    A mobile computing device such as a smartphone may allow a user to confirm their identity during an authentication process by moving their phone according to a specified authentication gesture. The authentication gesture may be one that the user previously specified during an enrollment process and may otherwise be...
    IPCOM000257129D | 2019-Jan-15
  10. 190.
    For devices with space constraints or lower heat generating components, connecting the heat generating component to another larger body, such as the enclosure metal, is a common heatsink solution. To ensure that the device antenna can function correctly, electromagnetic noise of the component is usually shielded by...
    IPCOM000257128D | 2019-Jan-15