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Month of January 2019 - Page Number 26

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  1. 251.
    A method and system is disclosed that displays sponsored Ad content associated with a user searched location as a part of the "street view display" feature for enhanced user-experience. The method and system displays sponsored Ad content about stores, event theatres, attractions, hotels and similar services within/in...
    IPCOM000257066D | 2019-Jan-14
  2. 252.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically calculating the optimal reserve price for real time advertisements (ads) trading. The method and system utilizes a data drive machine learning model and framework to detect high valued inventory with appropriate cascading algorithms. Also, the method and system...
    IPCOM000257065D | 2019-Jan-14
  3. 253.
    A method and system is disclosed that uses bootstrap method to test average treatment effect in network A/B testing problems. The bootstrap method selects a suitable parametric model for example, Markov Random Field for network A/B testing data and then uses the social network structure, treatment A/B assignment, and...
    IPCOM000257064D | 2019-Jan-14
  4. 254.
    A method and system is disclosed to model network A/B testing data by using Markov Random Fields to infer parameters by using Maximum Pseudo-Likelihood Estimate method. Further, the method and system computes the average treatment effect by using Gibbs sampling. This methodology, thus, measures the treatment effect...
    IPCOM000257063D | 2019-Jan-14
  5. 255.
    A method and system is disclosed for adjusting the position of a person's pupils during a video chat on an electronic device. The method and system determines a location of the camera on the other person's electronic device. The method and system then determines location of the eyes of the person when a frame of the...
    IPCOM000257062D | 2019-Jan-14
  6. 256.
    A method and system is disclosed for enabling a bot to redirect out-of-domain chat messages received from a user. The method and system utilizes an in-domain functionality of the bot/conversational agent platform to redirect and guide users to the core functionality of the bot/ conversational agent system when the...
    IPCOM000257061D | 2019-Jan-14
  7. 257.
    A method and system is disclosed for enabling performance-based keyword expansion for online search targeting. The method and system considers advertisers past campaign(s) behaviors, observe search engines' users' phrases/keywords and use the performances while deriving the correspondences between the advertiser's...
    IPCOM000257060D | 2019-Jan-14
  8. 258.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing prescriptive sharing of traffic recommendations. The method and system analyzes traffic conditions of roads and recommends different itineraries and different departure times to different users in order to optimize the traffic flow.
    IPCOM000257059D | 2019-Jan-14
  9. 259.
    A method and system is disclosed for maintaining a verified support directory list of valid companies. The directory list contains valid email addresses of various departments of valid companies such as, but not limited to, claim resolution, returns, exchange, sales and support.
    IPCOM000257058D | 2019-Jan-14
  10. 260.
    A method and system is disclosed for creating a single probabilistic ranking model by combining ranking, exploration, exploitation and diversification methods.
    IPCOM000257057D | 2019-Jan-14