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    Disclosed is a method and system for enabling a sender of an email message to set personalized auto-reminders or notifications for recipients. The method and system creates and trains machine learned bots to perform specific functions when activated by users by creating machine learned bots triggering email addresses...
    IPCOM000257260D | 2019-Jan-28
  2. 62.
    La présente invention se rapporte au domaine de l'éclairage des véhicules automobiles et plus particulièrement aux fonctions d'accueil lumineux des occupants. Ces fonctions sont connues sous leur appellation anglaise « welcome light » ou « follow-me home ». La présente invention propose de tenir compte de la position...
    IPCOM000257259D | 2019-Jan-25
  3. 63.
    IPCOM000257258D | 2019-Jan-25
  4. 64.
    IPCOM000257257D | 2019-Jan-25
  5. 65.
    Disclosed is a novel method for protecting the fantail region of an electrode in a cochlear implant device during external mechanical loading to reduce or prevent mechanical failure. The solution introduces designs for a protective exoskeleton type of cover/sleeve and a silicone sheet embedded with a polymer mesh.
    IPCOM000257256D | 2019-Jan-25
  6. 66.
    IPCOM000257255D | 2019-Jan-25
  7. 67.
    The present invention relates to pesticidal mixtures comprising as compound I N-[2-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]phenyl]-3-(difluoromethyl)-5-fluoro-1-methyl-pyrazole-4-carboxamide and a second fungicidal compound II and methods to combat phytopathogenic fungi based on such mixtures.
    IPCOM000257254D | 2019-Jan-25
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    This disclosure concerns a filter element with elastomeric seal ring with integrated spacer. Spacer can adopt to various height based on the best and worst tolerance conditions. This functionality can be served by taking the advantage of elastomers flexibility. With suitable hardness and compression set property,...
    IPCOM000257253D | 2019-Jan-25
  9. 69.
    The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for the optimization of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Fast Reroute (FRR) Auto Facility Bypass Tunnels to avoid loops and overlapping segments, eliminating repeated links in an FRR protection scenario, and FRR path selection for MPLS User-Network Interface...
    IPCOM000257251D | 2019-Jan-24
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    IPCOM000257250D | 2019-Jan-24