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    A thermal sensor comprises an active element, e.g., a heater or cooler, at least one temperature sensor, and processing circuitry. The processing circuitry causes a change of power supplied to the active element. It then determines, at a plurality of times, a thermal parameter based on an output signal of the...
    IPCOM000257627D | 2019-Feb-25
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    IPCOM000257626D | 2019-Feb-25
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    IPCOM000257625D | 2019-Feb-25
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    IPCOM000257624D | 2019-Feb-25
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    Association with a set of analytics data, an arbitrary number of user interface plugins, where each user interface plugin renders a data-specific graph for that set of data. The solution is as follows: the analytics data is stored in an Elasticsearch index, under an given name; the user interface plugin is stored in...
    IPCOM000257623D | 2019-Feb-25
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    IPCOM000257622D | 2019-Feb-25
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    A method to increase a sale transaction when a customer knows that a product he/she is interested in is available with the specific characteristics described by a quick query, where one should mark/un-mark if one wants to receive the following fields or not and fill in those fields such as the product brand interested...
    IPCOM000257621D | 2019-Feb-25
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    Advantageous to the Touchless Commerce camera recognition system is the augmentation of the acquired images with invisible spectrum attributes, as can be obtained with infrared (IR) sensors. A person may be entirely recognized and tracked by IR attributes alone or by augmenting the visible spectrum attributes with the...
    IPCOM000257620D | 2019-Feb-25
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    IPCOM000257619D | 2019-Feb-25
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    IPCOM000257618D | 2019-Feb-25