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    IPCOM000257607D | 2019-Feb-22
  2. 62.
    To help formulators get high concentrations of pigments Lubrizol has developed a high-performance dispersing additive called MATRIFUSEā„¢ S-1 dispersant blend with polyhydroxystearic acid (PHA) and neopentyl glycol diethylhexanoate for the personal care market. MATRIFUSEā„¢ S-1 dispersant can effectively separate the...
    IPCOM000257606D | 2019-Feb-22
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    IPCOM000257605D | 2019-Feb-22
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    Currently, retailers do their best to establish customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by providing coupons to customers. They also do their best to ensure relevant coupons get sent to various customers. However, sometimes not all coupons are being used by the current customer and not all coupons being sent to a...
    IPCOM000257604D | 2019-Feb-22
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    This idea talks about a change in paradigm on how to perform bank transactions with retailers in order to save and keep safe the user's bank information and avoid frauds when data is stolen. If the payment information flows from retailers to final customers and related only for payment, the retailer will not store/use...
    IPCOM000257603D | 2019-Feb-22
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    This idea talks about a loss prevention implementation for the case where customers scan items with a mobile personal device while they are in the store and finish the transaction in a self-check-out ("SCO") or normal lane (attended by a cashier), taking advantage of current SCO technology (weight of items) and image...
    IPCOM000257602D | 2019-Feb-22
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    Payment with credit card may be slower than payment with cash when a credit card is used in a line where people tend to pay with cash. There may be a way to improve customer payment experience under those circumstances. The customer may use virtual cash that can be used in the store to pay faster and safely.
    IPCOM000257601D | 2019-Feb-22
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    Utilize Infrared ("IR") camera sensors to detect and track a person and their actions relative to a product within a store to associate the person to the product set for the purposes of an anonymous point of sale transaction.
    IPCOM000257600D | 2019-Feb-22
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    The present disclosure proposes an integrated MR SAR monitor and signal receiving subsystem design based on new control logic and time division methodology. Single circuit is suitable for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Universal Power Monitor (UPM) and Signal Receiver. The SAR power monitor and the signal receive...
    IPCOM000257599D | 2019-Feb-22
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    Software distributors, such as the operators of online software repositories or stores, scan and analyze the software they host to flag potentially harmful applications (PHAs). The scans are typically performed offline and are based solely on app-level features and do not take into account structural relationships...
    IPCOM000257598D | 2019-Feb-22