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    IPCOM000257897D | 2019-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000257896D | 2019-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000257895D | 2019-Mar-21
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    In a programming language with support for garbage collection, a write barrier is a code snippet that maintains the key invariants of the garbage collector. The write barrier is typically executed after a write operation. The write barrier is computationally expensive and can impact program performance. This is true...
    IPCOM000257894D | 2019-Mar-21
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    Proposed is a technique to avoid synchronized garbage collection for solid state drive (SSD) arrays.
    IPCOM000257893D | 2019-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000257892D | 2019-Mar-21
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    A micro-loop is a packet-forwarding loop that may occur transiently among two or more routers in a hop-by-hop packet-forwarding paradigm. This document analyzes the impact of using different link state IGP implementations in a single network with respect to micro-loops. The analysis is focused on the Shortest Path...
    IPCOM000257891D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Mar-01
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    Using an underscore for a prefix creates a space for constrained interoperation of resource records. Original uses of an underscore character as a domain node name prefix were specified without the benefit of an IANA registry. This produced an entirely uncoordinated set of name-creation activities, all drawing from...
    IPCOM000257890D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Mar-01
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    Formally, any DNS Resource Record (RR) may occur under any domain name. However, some services use an operational convention for defining specific interpretations of an RRset by locating the records in a DNS branch under the parent domain to which the RRset actually applies. The top of this subordinate branch is...
    IPCOM000257889D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Mar-01
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    IPCOM000257888D | 2019-Mar-20