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    IPCOM000258327D | 2019-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000258326D | 2019-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000258325D | 2019-Apr-30
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    The PCDM Valve allows for the passively increase of allowable flow through a Chemical Injection Line. For many Chemical Injection Systems (such as for Scale Inhibitors), the early years of life for the well do not require significant chemical intervention. However, as the well begins to age, the required amount of...
    IPCOM000258324D | 2019-Apr-30
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    Develop a Cement Safe Gauge Carrier assembly that maintains a full ID, and also prevents cement from entering and plugging off the pressure communication port. If cement flows into the communication port, pressure readings from the gauge can be blocked or significantly dampened Dissolvable Sleeve and Lock Ring to be...
    IPCOM000258323D | 2019-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000258322D | 2019-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000258321D | 2019-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000258320D | 2019-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000258319D | 2019-Apr-30
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    This note describes a digital-signature system based on cryptographic hash functions, following the seminal work in this area of Lamport, Diffie, Winternitz, and Merkle, as adapted by Leighton and Micali in 1995. It specifies a one-time signature scheme and a general signature scheme. These systems provide...
    IPCOM000258318D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Apr-01