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  1. 111.
    A previous method for changing out and installing a pressure roll involved utilizing a roll cart and a lift truck to power the roll cart. After modifications were made to the felt section of a Tissue Machine (TM), it was discovered that the lift truck didn't have the proper clearance to swing the roll in place. The...
    IPCOM000258217D | 2019-Apr-18
  2. 112.
    Problem Statement: FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) has started to use VAR (Video assistant referee) during soccer matches to help referees when plays are unclear.  This process is implemented by stopping the game when the situation is unclear and the referee will go watch the play again from...
    IPCOM000258216D | 2019-Apr-18
  3. 113.
    Disclosed is a reliable and cost-effective semiconductor integration scheme to boost device performance by reducing contact resistance.
    IPCOM000258215D | 2019-Apr-18
  4. 114.
    IPCOM000258214D | 2019-Apr-18
  5. 115.
    IPCOM000258213D | 2019-Apr-18
  6. 116.
    IPCOM000258212D | 2019-Apr-18
  7. 117.
    IPCOM000258211D | 2019-Apr-18
  8. 118.
    This memo specifies two authenticated encryption algorithms that are nonce misuse resistant -- that is, they do not fail catastrophically if a nonce is repeated. This document is the product of the Crypto Forum Research Group.
    IPCOM000258210D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Apr-01
  9. 119.
    A method and system is disclosed for creating a public mailbox with accessible content and indexed dataset. The method and system allows a user to create a public mailbox, where the mailbox content is accessible directly or the mailbox content is indexed and displayed as search results to other users. Further, a...
    IPCOM000258209D | 2019-Apr-18
  10. 120.
    IPCOM000258208D | 2019-Apr-18